How To Tell If Your Dog Is Unhappy

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Unhappy

Dogs get just as angry as people do. However, they are less likely to send passive-aggressive text messages to express their anger as we do sometimes.

Life is not always all rainbows and sunshine. When they feel bad, they cannot speak to you and express themselves, so they have to rely on other means to express their discomfort. Here are some ways to tell if your dog is unhappy.

Sleeping More Than Usual

If you suddenly realize that your dog sleeps a lot more than usual, this can be a sign of depression. It is important to check on potential health risks. However, if your dog passes a check-up, it can possibly be a sign of depression.

Disobeying Commands

Stubbornness is certainly a sign of anger and discomfort. If your dog responds to commands such as sit, stop and turn around, but isn’t responsive anymore, it could be a sign of sadness. Your dog will notice that you feel stressed and anxious and may react to the general atmosphere of your home. In this case, you could be the problem and your dog could just be reacting to your mood.

Leaving Food In The Bowl

Another symptom of frustration is an alteration in appetite. If your dog leaves food in the bowl and you notice they do not have the same enthusiasm during mealtime, your dog could most likely be upset.

Not Wanting To Play

A huge symptom of depression in both humans and animals is a lack of energy and loss of interest in activities. If your dog loses interest in playtime, this could be a tale sign of depression. “The most popular thing in the world could be tennis, and they do not want to do it anymore,” said Virginia a renowned animal expert.

Flattened Ears

Body language is one of the easiest ways for a dog to express his emotions. If his ears are flat, his head is pointing downwards or his mouth is closed and his lips are tight, he most likely is angry.

Peeing On Your Stuff

Did you sneak into the bed and found your dog pissing on the pillow? It’s terrible, but it’s a way to tell if your dog is mad at something. The same goes for chewing shoes and other items during their fury phase.

It is important not to react harshly to their anger. Instead, find out the cause of the problem and make sure your dog has enough toys to keep him busy all day long.


Growling can indicate many emotions but mainly shows that your dog is furious at something. Whenever your dog is growling, it could be a very high indication of irritation and means that you need to address an issue urgently.

Dogs rarely growl at their owner but if they do, it could mean impending danger to you or to your dog. It is important to access the situation and try to find out what’s upsetting your dog.

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They have proved this over and over through the years with their relentless love and loyalty. It is important to reciprocate this kind of commitment. With these tale signs, you are better placed at picking up on the subtle signs that your dog is unhappy and needs you to address an issue.


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