Got A Hyper Dog? Here Are 5 Tips To Help

Got A Hyper Dog? Here Are 5 Tips To Help

Even the most well-behaved dogs can be prone to naughty behaviour from time to time, but some dogs seem to be hyperactive all hours of the day (and night). What can you do about it? Sometimes, calming your dog down is straightforward, but it should never be neglected if you’d like to reinforce positive behaviour.

Like people, dogs can suffer from boredom and a lack of physical activity. Moreover, constant lack of stimulus can have negative effects. Boredom can lead to biting and chewing furniture, children, and excessive barking. Here are a few tips you can try at home if you’ve got a hyper dog:

Reward Positive Behaviour

The next time your dog is jumping and nipping in a fit of hyperactivity, ignore it. No, don’t neglect your dog altogether, but just try it. Dogs seek attention, and by paying attention to a hyper dog only lets it know that the behaviour is fine.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Take your dog for a walk or jog and let it roam freely. All dogs need daily physical exercise, and it’s a great way to release a lot of energy constructively. Moreover, it’ll help relax your dog afterwards, making it less prone to fits of hyperactivity. Go outdoors and allow your dog to exercise vigorously with you and you’ll both stay healthy.

Reflect on Your Own Behaviour

Have a look in the mirror and analyse how you behave around your dog. Are you normally calm and collected? Are you stressed out or anxious? Dogs respond to the disposition of their owners, with stress and anxiety possibly contributing to naughty behaviour from your dog.

We all have ups and downs, but always try to show your dog confidence and give it plenty of attention. By doing so, you’ll help reinforce the type of behaviour you expect.

Keep Your Dog Busy

Give your dog tasks and responsibilities to focus on so that it doesn’t become hyperactive. Activities such as learning new tricks, playing new games, or simply playing catch will help to command obedience. These are all great activities that will divert your dog’s energy and attention to constructive behaviour. Furthermore, it will help increase the bond between you and your dog.

Use Calming Aromas

Our eyesight tends to be better than our sense of smell. Dogs rely much more on smell, and as such, calm aromas can have a profound effect for its hyperactivity. Therefore, try lavender or other relaxing aromas around your house and see if it helps.

If you’re not sure which smell can help, consult with your veterinarian to learn more. Veterinarians can help you find appropriate aromas that are safe and effective for your dog.

Mix & Match Methods

Hyper dogs may have many different triggers, with boredom and lack of stimulation being common contributors. That’s why you should try all of the above methods to see what works best for your dog. Most importantly, strive to give your dog the love and attention it needs so that it doesn’t relapse again.


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