Perfect gifts for dog lovers of all ages

Perfect gifts for dog lovers of all ages

Ever found yourself barking up the wrong tree while hunting for the perfect gift for a fellow canine connoisseur? Well, wag those worries away because we’re about to unleash a list of paw-some presents that will have you howling with delight.

Sorry, the dog ate my homework” organic cotton t-shirt

Sorry, the dog ate my homework t-shirt by Jerry's General

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, animal lovers of all ages – gather around for the coolest canine confession your wardrobes have ever seen! Introducing the “Sorry, the dog ate my homework” Kids’ Organic Cotton T-Shirt from Jerry’s General.

For those times when our furry friends decide to snack on school assignments, this t-shirt is the perfect alibi! Crafted with 100% organic cotton, it offers a soft and comfortable fit for your little ones, making it the ideal outfit for a day of frolicking with their four-legged pals.

Sorry, the dog ate my homework t-shirt by Jerry's General

But let’s talk about the show-stopper – the hilarious print! The phrase “Sorry, the dog ate my homework” is a playful nod towards every child’s dream excuse. It’s a cheeky way for your kiddos to wear their love for dogs on their sleeve (or rather, their chest!). What better way to strike up a conversation at the playground or make their teacher chuckle during online classes?

The design is as delightful as a puppy’s wagging tail – simple, endearing, and instantly brings a smile to your face. And with sizes ranging from 3-4 years to 12-14 years, there’s a perfect fit for every young dog lover out there.

Note: No homework was harmed in the making of this t-shirt.

Get the t-shirt direct from from Jerry’s General.

Wears Black, Loves Dogs, Avoids People” Ceramic Mug

Wears Black, Loves Dogs, Avoids People Mug by Jerry's General

Dog lovers, unite!

Picture this: Your friend, curled up on the sofa with their four-legged best friend, sipping their favourite brew from a mug that speaks to their soul.

Introducing the “Wears Black, Loves Dogs, Avoids People” Ceramic Mug from Jerry’s General. This isn’t just any mug – it’s a lifestyle statement for all the dog-loving introverts out there. It’s the perfect blend of sass, class, and a wee bit of ‘leave me alone’ – in a good way, of course!

Made from high-quality ceramic, it promises to handle hot beverages with the same warmth you shower on your pets. And the best part? The chic white mug adorned with a clean black font – it’s minimalism at its best!

The message on the mug is a witty nod to our shared love for dogs and a not-so-subtle hint at our preference for canine company over human chatter. If you find joy in the silent companionship of your furry friends, this mug gets you.

So, whether they’re a dog mum, dad, or just a dog lover, this mug is sure to bring a smile to their face every morning. It’s more than just a vessel for coffee or tea; it’s a badge of honour for proud introverts and dog lovers.

Get the mug direct from Jerry’s General.

Love pawprint organic cotton baby grow

Love pawprint organic cotton baby grow

Puppy-loving parents, get ready to swoon over the cutest canine-inspired couture for your little human. Introducing the “Love Paw Print Baby Grow” from Jerry’s General. This isn’t just any baby grow – it’s a paw-sitively adorable tribute to your love for dogs and your tiny tot. Prepare for a cuteness overload!

First off, let’s talk comfort. Made from soft, breathable organic cotton that’s gentle on your baby’s skin, this baby grow promises to keep your little one snug as a bug in a rug. Whether it’s naptime or playtime, your baby is guaranteed to be comfy and cosy all day long.

Love pawprint organic cotton baby grow

But the real showstopper here is the design. Adorned with a heart-shaped paw print, this baby grow is a visual treat! It’s like your baby is wearing a tiny badge of honour, declaring their inherited love for dogs.

The “Love Paw Print Baby Grow” is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement piece that screams ‘dog lover in the making’. It’s the perfect way for your baby to join the family’s dog-loving tradition. After all, it’s never too early to start, right?

Remember, the family that loves dogs together, stays together. So let’s start ’em young, shall we?

Get the babygrow direct from Jerry’s General and browse the full range of gifts for dog lovers at Jerry’s General.


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