5 Of The Easiest Dog Breeds To Take Care Of

5 Of The Easiest Dog Breeds To Take Care Of

There are hundreds of different dog breeds out there. Their calmness all depends on how you raise and look after them. Each and every dog is different but some are easier and calmer to look after than others. Here are the 5 easiest dog breeds to take care of.

Labrador Retriever

This breed is well known for its kind nature and is the perfect addition to any household. Labradors are extremely calm, gentle, and affectionate. They are super easy to train from any age. They also require a very reasonable amount of exercise, but they can also be quite lazy! The labrador retriever was bred to be a family-friendly dog as well as a working dog. In days like today, labs work as assistant dogs to the disabled, search and rescue dog, retriever for hunters, show competitors, and many other canine jobs. This breed in America is known as the most popular!


Pugs are extremely friendly and very well suited for families. This breed has a big reputation for being lively, sociable, and attached to their owners. They’re easy to take care of and typically become calmer as they get older. Pugs are very compact and sturdy dogs and in the canine world, they are known as the ‘clowns’ due to their brilliant sense of humor and typically enjoy showing off. Pugs absolutely thrive on human companionship even though they were bred to be lap dogs. Pugs are an amazing calm, gentle and loving dog to take care of.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is an intelligent, large, patient, powerful, and extremely protective breed. They are playful, great with children and extremely affectionate. They will guard their owner and their own home. Great Danes are easy to train, especially from a young age and they require a lot of exercise due to their long, dangly legs. This breed is also known as the ‘apollo’ of dogs and they have known to have been around for 400 years! These dogs are so loving and easy to take care of.

Golden Retriever

Similar to the labrador retriever, goldens are up there with the top friendliest, loving, caring, and gentle dogs known. It is also one of the most popular breeds in the USA! Golden retrievers make the perfect family dog. They are super easy to care for and appreciate any sort of attention from humans. Goldies are excellent with children and are surprisingly easy to train. They have a tolerant but very adorable attitude. They are extremely intelligent and make amazing and highly capable working dogs. Goldens will protect their home and owners and are commonly known for being assistant or therapy dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This small, innocent friendly breed often gets associated with King Charles Spaniel and is almost identical! This breed has a very loving and caring personality and gives it’s owners a lot of affection. They love playtime and walks! They are super calm and easy to train, look after, and live with. Their irresistible kindness makes them an exceptionally popular breed. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is athletic and makes a perfect family dog. Their calmness and gentleness make them amazingly easy to take care of.


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